My Paralegal Placement

Before I was licensed as a paralegal, I had to go through an internship for one week. My college placed me at Prudent Paralegals Toronto (, a top rated Toronto paralegal firm. They practice in small claims court, and in the landlord and tenant board. They have the busiest practice in Toronto and I was fortunate to learn a lot from them. I was surprised as to how different the knowledge I learned in college was to the real world. It is much more different to experience a paralegal role first hand than learning about it in a class. In my placement I was drafting plaintiff claims for the senior paralegals and serving documents Now I understand how difficult of a job it is to be a paralegal and it takes true dedication.

I worked for Jonathan Yam, a grandfathered paralegal from when the paralegal licensing was introduced. He walked me through all the different steps of the superior court and as well as the Landlord and tenant board. I realized that in order to be a top paralegal, one must constantly read and stay updated as to the laws of the jurisdiction one practices in. Law is constantly evolving and paralegals have a duty to uphold the high levels of professionalism. One day I hope to start my own paralegal practice and I am excited about the future.

Paralegals are essential so that everyone can afford legal services. No longer is the law only for the wealthy. I am very proud of the move Ontario has made to license paralegals.